Precor's New Smith Machine Combines Form and Function For a Beautiful Design and Easy Maintenance

Precor In-Club DPL Smith Machine Female C1 3419 V2.jpg

Precor’s research and development team went to extreme lengths to make sure the Discovery Smith Machine measured up to their other top-of-the-line products. Extensive research and testing with advanced motion tracking allowed them to determine the ideal ergonomic angle necessary for a smith machine. They found that the ideal angle wasn’t the previous industry standard of 7°, but rather 11° for both bench press and squat movements. This angle enables the user to be assisted by the machine without feeling restricted by it with movement that feels natural to the user’s experience.

One of the most common and frustrating issues in maintaining a typical smith machine is wear and breakage in the counterbalance cables. In order to combat this issue, Precor poured extensive research and development into their new Discovery Smith Machine to make it the most simple and lasting product of its kind in the equipment market. Unlike any other smith machine on the market, Precor’s new design eliminates the need for a counterbalance and cable, yet still maintains the a large weight capacity and standard low starting weight of 25lbs through the use of innovative metal alloys that allow the bar to be stronger without being heavier. In addition, the bar and bearing system used features 20% less high-wear parts compared to traditional designs, which decreases the already lower cost of ownership.

Precor In-Club DPL Smith Machine S1 5706 V2.jpg

The bold, sleek design of the Discovery Smith Machine also features a high head clearance and a clean walk-through design. The 11° angle and innovative Smith Bar design produce a smooth, natural feel and an exceptional user experience. Like every piece of equipment in the Discovery Series Plate Loaded Line, the Smith Machine adds value to your facility by combining essential performance and durability with thoughtful design to deliver an exerciser experience that feels completely natural.

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