4 Ways to Customize your Fitness Facility

In a fitness industry that is forever improving and evolving, the design of your fitness center can have a huge impact on the people who use it. With more schools, apartment & multi-family complexes, country clubs, and corporate offices building and maintaining fitness centers, the little details matter more and more in retaining and growing your clientele. Customizing a fitness experience is more than just painting the walls a certain color, it is continuous cohesion between many of the moving parts, from your equipment to your interior design. Here are a few ways that you can customize your fitness center and some examples of facilities to inspire your next project!

1. Branding Your Equipment

The most widespread effect of customization in your facility can be felt in the equipment itself. From color options to custom graphics and logos, there are many choices available to you when designing your space.

2. Interior Design + Wall Decals

What your space looks like impacts the people who use it - with the right interior design strategies, people will be drawn to use your space to it’s highest potential!

3. Flooring for Form + Function

Flooring is a very important aspect in the fitness experience - with the right flooring, your equipment and space can be allowed to shine without excess noise or high-impact stress without compromising aesthetics.

4. Customized Free Weights

If all these other options aren’t enough, plates and dumbbells can be customized to pull every aspect together or brighten up older equipment.

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