Located in Tarrytown, NY, Hackley School is a private preparatory school focused on academic excellence and building a strong community among students, faculty, and staff. The brand-new Walter C. Johnson Center for Health & Wellness is a 115,00 square foot facility featuring sunlit common areas, a healthy café, three basketball courts, wrestling and fencing facilities, two fitness rooms, and much more. The center is also home to all of Hackley’s physical education and athletic programs.

“One of our goals was to make this a student center,” said Jason Edwards, Athletic Director of Hackley School. “We want students to enjoy themselves, but more importantly, the building says health and wellness and I think this fully encompasses that.”

Hackley worked with Advantage Sport & Fitness to design an impressive Precor-filled fitness center and a state-of-the-art strength and functional training room.

“Advantage is the one that had the vision,” said Edwards. “They asked all the demographics of the school. They asked what we thought our needs were and they looked at our old facility. We just told them what we wanted and they created it.”

Located on the building’s main level, the fitness center boasts more than twenty Precor cardio and strength pieces. Natural light and a large open space provide students with an inviting area to workout. Precor 835 treadmills, adaptive motion trainers, recumbent bikes, and ellipticals line the wall, and a variety of Precor selectorized strength machines, customized dumbbells, and Escape functional tools are available to deliver a total-body strength workout.

“The layout here provides opportunities for students to workout and really enjoy themselves in this facility,” said Edwards.

The center also features an impressive strength and functional training room. Students from Hackley’s sports teams can often be seen here working to improve their athletic ability. The room features a custom turf track and a variety of Escape functional training tools including TIYRs, Bulgarian Bags, Corebags, and Plyosoft Boxes.


“The workouts that we’re doing in here show us this turf was probably one of the best ideas Advantage came up with, because every kid is on it every day,” said Edwards.

Customized free-weights and lifting platforms add a dynamic of school spirit to the room.


“Everything is color coordinated,” said Edwards. “We have our plates and dumbbells with our logo on them. Our plate weight has the split H.  I don’t know of many weight rooms that have that.”

Advantage partnered with Hackley to design a solution that met the vision and goal of the entire Health & Wellness Center.

“Now we have endless possibilities in regards to what we can do,” said Edwards. “You don’t see many colleges like this. We have a weight room and fitness center that accommodates every single need that you can think of for our students.” 


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