One of the best features of the Expresso bike has always been its ability to engage those who ride it.  After all, an engaged member means a happy member means a retained member.  Interactive Fitness Holdings (IFH) released its biggest ever software update to their Expresso bikes at the end of June, and the changes can be broken down into four steps, all designed with the idea of member engagement in mind.  Here’s a look at the changes.


STEP 1. Get more members on the bike.
A new and exciting intro video looping on the bike’s screen is designed to grab the attention of passers-by and get them on the bike.

STEP 2. Make sure the first experience is a great one.
A guided tour and rider “tips” have been created to make sure a rider knows exactly how to use the bike before their first race.

STEP 3. Take classic cardio workouts and make them fun.
The new home screen has familiar workout options with a few exciting twists!

STEP 4. Take the pain out of registration so members can fully engage.
Registration used to be hard, but not anymore.

For a more comprehensive look at these changes check out Expresso’s blog post here.  Or for a quick teaser of the update, check out the video below!

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