Sport Performance

Escape Agility Grid System

Durable linking clips allow endless layout configurations that will provide the definitive test of agility, power, co-ordination and speed. Impact resistant material for added durability.

Escape 6-12” Adjustable Hurdle

Adjustable height hurdle allows you to progress and regress exercise drills, offers multiple workout configurations and makes them suitable for both speed and accuracy training.

Escape Speed Cones

Perfect for speed drills and marking targets, these cones are portable, hard-wearing, and very stable thanks to their wide base, while the height creates a visual impact and user focus.

Escape Lateral Endurance Hurdle

Made from soft memory foam, these soft hurdles are perfect for high intensity speed and agility drills.

Escape Speed Ladder

Exercises and workouts have rarely involved working in straight lines – until now. We developed this ladder to create a series of straight-line targets and challenges.

Escape Speed Discs

Set the discs out in lanes, squares, zigzags or even as targets on the ground. With this simplest of products your creativity is the only barrier to success.

Escape Cable Attachment Vest

Made to add extra resistance to DAP (Dual Action Pulley) machine work, the vest can also be used to assist a user in more challenging work.

Escape Resistance Parachute

Professional athletes know all about training with a parachute but it’s a tool that can be used by everyone. Once you’ve finished developing explosive power you can pack up the parachute in its own carry bag which takes care of the heavy-duty webbing and the step-in belt.

Escape Reaction Ball

The ultimate tool for improving your reactions, the Reaction Ball features a non-uniform design to really keep you on your toes by bouncing unpredictably, challenging first step explosive ability which is essential for developing speed and power.

Escape Quad Sled

A simple, brutal work out tool that builds core power. Stylish and compact, this sled features two moveable drive posts which can be positioned either end of the sled for quick and easy direction changes. The drag zone has eyelets for attaching the Escape Speed Resistor.


SPRI® Products offers many products that help improve your overall athletic skills. Some are designed for a specific sport, but others can be used for all sports, competitive and non-competitive, as well as for rehabilitating athletes.

Go Fit

• GoFit and Athletes’ Performance team up to bring you Sports Performace Products—many of the same training methods and products used by leading pro athletes who train with Athletes’ Performance. 
• Products Include: Agility Bags, Agility Ladders, Power Chutes, Reaction Balls, Weight Sleds, Jump Ropes, Weighted Vests, and Ankle Weights.