We can help you deliver fitness and wellness programming, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you manage a 3-branch boutique club, or a small multi-family fitness center, the WELLBEATS system will add diversity to your offering and increase your revenue stream.

With hundreds of classes across a variety of channels, there’s something for everyone. Each WELLBEATS channel has a specific area of focus and contains a collection of 20 - 50 minute classes of varying intensity taught by various instructors. WELLBEATS programming is designed to meet any participant where they are at in their fitness journey and help them progress smartly.


Here are some of the many reasons we have selected WELLBEATS as our virtual group exercise partner:

1. Convenient Accessibility: Participants browse the WELLBEATS app and hit “play” on the class that interests them – anytime, anywhere
2. Class Variety: Dozens of class formats including yoga/Pilates, cycling, kickboxing, step, dance, metabolic conditioning, strength training, pre/post natal, active aging, youth and more! 20, 35 and 50 minute classes available
3. Workout Plans and Fit Tests: Pre-written plans and assessments to help participants work towards personalized results! This keeps exercisers in your facility engaged and coming back for more.
4. Tutorials and Basic Classes:  A safe place for newcomers to learn and master the fundamentals of any class format
5. Multi-Option Instruction: 3 instructors on screen showing modifications and challenges to meet a variety of needs
6. Instructor Engagement: Our world class, certified instructors offer real, interactive support and coaching as if they were in the room


There are a couple of setup options depending on your facility’s unique specifications, but overall the system is straightforward and easy to use. Exercisers simply select their preferred workout on the WELLBEATS touchscreen, and the class instantly begins playing on the tv.

Want to know more? Check out this short video:

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