When we first discussed starting a blog we had a hard time defining the goal of such a venture.  Are we going to promote our products? Can we show off some of our more recent installations? Should we use it to let our customers know of exciting new offers or product updates?  What about spreading company or industry news? 

Once we stepped back to consider our audience, those we really hope will visit this site over and over again, it became a little more obvious what we should be trying to accomplish.  We want this to add to what we’ve always strived to be: your TOTAL fitness source. 

The fitness industry pumps out a lot of information everyday. Unless you have a knowledgeable and trustworthy industry expert on hand, it can be hard to filter through all of this information. Well, what if you had access to over 20 of these experts?

That is exactly what The ASF Insider is.  A compilation of topics, trends and tips from around the fitness industry, collected by Team Advantage, a group of over 20 knowledgeable industry vets who are constantly mining for new information.  And although we’ll never claim to be the “be-all and end-all”, when you get over 20 fitness geeks on the same team, sharing information about a topic they love, you are bound to come away with some pretty valuable insight.

Our goal is not to convince you why we are great (although we are certainly open to discussing that with you!), but to give you a knowledgeable reference point in the world of fitness products. By sharing information we come across,  we hope to become a source you and your colleagues can trust.

So follow along, and if you ever have some valuable insight, or a thought on something you’d like to see discussed here, send us a note to let us know!

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to keep you coming back!

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