We’re just wrapping up another great visit to the Precor Strength Plant in North Carolina! On our fourth Discover Precor adventure, we’ve brought along 19 guests representing 15 different organizations in our quest to reveal the quality and innovation that make up the Precor brand.

Joining our guests at this event are 8 ASF/CSF Territory Sales Managers, along with the President of Advantage Sport & Fitness, John Murray, and the VP of Sales & Marketing, John Marcotte. John Murray gave an introduction to our company’s values and background, and John Marcotte led a strength equipment update and demo in the state-of-the-art Precor showroom. Representing Precor, Sean Kearney (Director of Commercial Distributor Sales) and Keith Hankins (ASF/CSF’s Distributor Sales Manager) told Precor’s company story and gave an overview of their varied product offering. Later, guests took a deeper dive into Precor Networked Fitness – designed to connect people with technology to empower their fitness journey – presented by Guy Williams, Precor’s Director of Global Networked Fitness.

Our primary goal in continuing to organize Discover Precor events is to help our guests see what we have seen over the years from Precor: an unwavering commitment to produce the highest quality equipment that will best serve the needs of exercisers, operators, and owners. In their own words, “We don’t make Precor equipment for millions of people. We make it for each person who uses it.”

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