Chic lighting fixtures. Mixers and movie nights. Free donuts.

It’s no secret that apartment-seekers in 2017 are looking for much more than a roof over their heads. Their list of ‘must-haves’ goes beyond affordability to the question, “What will I experience in this community?” This is the new era, and boutique offerings are IN.

One extremely attractive way to set your apartment community apart is by updating and maintaining a state-of-the-art fitness center. Recent data shows that the majority of residents are under 44 years old, with the highest percentage (24.29%) falling between the ages of 25 and 34 (source: U.S. Census Bureau data cited here by Abodo), and we know that group is increasingly interested in living a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it’s also easy to recognize that there’s a huge difference between sticking a treadmill and a couple of strength machines in your basement and creating an on-trend fitness center as a focal point of your community.

Here are some of the best ways we’ve found to amp up your fitness center:

1. Know Your Identity and Extend It to Your Fitness Center
Throughout your community, is your style all about cool lighting and bold patterns? Make sure you’ve built your fitness center to match! 1701 North Apartments in Chapel Hill are a blend of modern art, bright colors, and natural textures – and everything in their fitness center mirrors that, from the abstract wall art and the pops of color on their equipment to the natural wood-textured flooring. If you’ve got a signature personality, own it!

1701 North Apartments in Chapel Hill, NC

1701 North Apartments in Chapel Hill, NC

2. Refresh Your Equipment Periodically to Meet Current Fitness Trends
The top trend for 2017 is wearable tech – all those gadgets and gizmos that monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, and steps throughout the day. Make sure your equipment can link up and leverage these devices! The Preva® networked fitness interface, available on select Precor cardio models, pairs with a huge number of popular fitness trackers and apps and stores exerciser data in personalized accounts to keep you on track toward your workout goals. The Preva-enabled P62 touchscreen cardio pieces at Hawthorne at Leland work in tandem with their clubhouse’s free donuts incentive to make sure residents keep hitting the gym!

Hawthorne at Leland in Leland, NC

3. Make Your Fitness Center Inviting to All
While the desire to be healthy is pretty much universal, the knowledge of how to get started isn’t as widespread. If your equipment is easy to use and ergonomic, your fitness center will make residents happy regardless of their experience level. Another great way to engage the entire apartment community is through group classes or personal training sessions, although hiring personal trainers is not always practical. That’s where technology can save the day – check out the Wellbeats virtual group exercise system installed in the studio at Cliffs at Mountain Park! Residents can get together and choose from thousands of workouts led by world-class trainers, on-demand. In the adjacent functional training zone, personal training is also available with the Escape Funxtion unit. Useable by a single individual or for group training, the Funxtion guides residents through functional exercises with the bright and inviting Escape accessories.

Cliffs at Mountain Park in Marietta, SC | Photos courtesy of Brilliant Bokeh Photography

Cliffs at Mountain Park in Marietta, SC | Photos courtesy of Brilliant Bokeh Photography

We’re not pretending this process of designing and maintaining an outstanding fitness center is a breeze, but we can promise the return on investment is there and growing. Your residents and prospects will take notice and be impressed if your gym is not an afterthought! And as always, we’re here to partner with you to make your fitness center a major selling point, from the ground up.

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