The 2018 Fall Frenzy is Almost Here!

In last year’s edition of Expresso’s Fall Frenzy, 2,074 riders from 186 college and university teams across the U.S. rode for an incredible 52,691 miles and burned over 1.75 million calories. Over the course of 10 days of tournament play, a total 148 days of riding were accumulated.

The Fall Frenzy has proven to be one of Expresso’s biggest annual competitions over the last 5 years, as schools and riders across North America compete head-to-head to log the most miles on their Expresso bikes. Often times each round of competition goes right up until the last minute, with just a few miles between eliminated teams and those moving on.

Binghamton University wins the 2017 Fall Frenzy!

Binghamton University wins the 2017 Fall Frenzy!

Last year, Binghamton University pushed to win the finals, edging out the runners-up in the championship by just 23.8 miles. Binghamton originally partnered with Advantage to install six Expresso S3 bikes in 2011, increased to eight Expresso HD bikes after engagement grew, and secured eight newly-released Expresso GO bikes in the last few months.

The 2018 Fall Frenzy’s qualifying round will begin at midnight (EST) on Wednesday, September 26th and run for 48 hours. Out of a pool of 218 registered college and university teams across the country, the top 16 teams with the most miles will advance to knockout play in the Sweet 16, Super 8, and Fearsome 4 rounds on their road to the Championship on October 24th and 25th.

For full details on this intense competition, check out Expresso’s website and the live leaderboard here.

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