Spinning®: The Design of a Global Movement

Spinning® is the brand behind the birth, growth, and global success of the indoor cycling movement. In 1994, cyclists and entrepreneurs John Baudhuin and Johnny G founded Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. (MDA) to develop the Spinning® indoor cycling program and the Spinner® bike. Since then, the company has evolved from a small team dedicated to bringing the cycling experience indoors to an international movement reaching exercisers of all fitness levels in countries across the globe.

In 2015, MDA partnered with Precor to release a new line of commercial Spinner® bikes - the Spinner Ride, Shift, and Chrono™ Power. In 2018, the Climb™ was added to the Spinner lineup. Designed and engineered to match the geometry of a real road bike, the iconic perimeter-weighted flywheel and fixed gear create the inertia and resistance to replicate the feel of the road. Riders experience a smooth, fluid pedal stroke throughout the entire ride. Spinner bikes offer four adjustments to fit almost any rider’s size and/or skill level.

While MDA and Spinning have developed the best name in the indoor cycling category over the last 25 years, Precor has earned a reputation for top-quality products and consistently excellent customer service in that same time. The continued success and commitment to excellence of both organizations make this the perfect partnership, and our team cannot wait to see what the future holds as the global Spinning movement rolls on.

Each bike is designed with the form of a cycling bike with 72° head tube and seat tube, and a weighted flywheel at the front.

Each bike is designed with the form of a cycling bike with 72° head tube and seat tube, and a weighted flywheel at the front.


Aerodynamic and rounded tubing to prevent pooling of liquids on flat surfaces and ensuring quick shedding of liquids.

Stainless steel and aluminum adjustment extrusions, posts, fasteners, and frames to provide a rust-resistant sturdy frame for longevity in rust-prone areas.

An open base & aluminum stabilizers to provide easier cleaning, maintenance and more rust-resistance on the bikes.


Precor_B1_Ride_Side Perspective.png


The entry level, high quality indoor cycle with many of the same proven Spinner® ergonomics and function as other Spinner® bikes. The Spinner® Ride is a great option for facilities just entering the market, offering 10 or fewer classes a week, and looking to easily satisfy members with a reliable "turn key" experience of product, education, and service. Available in both belt and chain drive.

Precor_B2_Shift_Side Perspective.png


The classic Spinner® model, the Spinner® Shift is built to be the workhorse of your facility. It features a heavier steel frame and more adjustment options, like the fore/aft handlebar adjustments, than the Spinner® Ride. The Spinner® Shift is a great choice for facilities with 10 or more classes per week, and seeking differentiation in their well established indoor cycle offering. Available with both chain and belt drive.

SPINNER Climb 12_13_17 f_persp2x2.png


With the aesthetic appeal and lasting durability of an aluminum frame, the Spinner® Climb™ bike by Precor is the answer for operators aiming to enhance their non-power based classes with a premium indoor cycle, supported by industry-leading innovation, education, and service. Delight your riders with premium features including magnetic resistance, Kevlar® reinforced timing belt, and the iconic feel of the Spinner® perimeter-weighted flywheel.

Chrono side view.png


The Spinner® Chrono™ Power distances itself from the pack of indoor cycles that measure power by offering a hassle-free experience for operators, instructors and riders alike, all while staying true to the iconic feel of a Spinner® bike. With direct power measurement, patent-pending magnetic resistance, and the brightest console back light in the industry -- with no batteries to change -- the Spinner Chrono Power bike will exceed expectations.


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