Milliken & Company hasn’t been in business for over 150 years by sticking with the status quo; they thrive by valuing both innovation and their employees. As recruitment and retention of top talent has become increasingly important to successful businesses, the prevalence of corporate fitness facilities has also steadily risen. By providing an on-site fitness facility, today’s businesses hope to increase productivity and morale, but a company like Milliken knows that this is more than just a token gesture. That’s why they laid it all out for their employees - they realize that it’s their people that make them succeed, and this is one way that they are able to show their appreciation.

Milliken’s corporate fitness facility offers Precor P30 cardio (with personal viewing screens on each console), Precor Vitality strength machines, and the newly redesigned Precor Smith Machine. Complementing the cardio and strength machines, the room also features an 8’ Escape Fitness HTS frame with functional tools and a boxing bag to keep employees in prime condition for the lives they want to live.

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