Plyometric exercises are extremely effective for increasing strength, speed, explosiveness, and overall athletic ability. Plyo boxes are an important part of plyometric training, but traditional boxes have been plagued with limitations and risks of injury. Escape’s new PLYO360 takes plyometric training to a new level of intensity and safety not offered by other boxes.

Made to withstand extreme workouts, the PLYO360 is constructed of a strong outer material tightly fitted over a firm foam filling. This padding helps to reduce injuries from missed jumps. The size and the shape also make the box extremely sturdy compared to traditional boxes and the non-slip top will help the exerciser stay safe as they land or propel off the box.


The unique octagonal shape of the PLYO360 allows for jump-training in the frontal, lateral and transverse planes. Target markings on the top of the box give users and extra challenge to try controlling their landing to hit the marks.

The PLYO360 boxes come in three different heights and can be securely connected to one another in just seconds to create new height configurations and challenges to match each users’ abilities.

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