The industry has recognized Precor’s elliptical as the reigning ruler of the product category for years, and we can’t argue with that. It’s true – Precor’s last version of the elliptical was pretty great. But the newly released, totally reimagined Experience Series EFX (elliptical fitness crosstrainer) is even better. Here are just some of the reasons why:

1. Converging CrossRamp®
- This new converging design for the foot pedals of the machine more closely mimics a natural running motion, decreasing knee flexion.
- The CrossRamp responds twice as quickly to adjustments in ramp angle.

2. Improved Serviceability
- The mechanical components of the EFX can be accessed in two minutes or less — all you’ll need are a Philips screwdriver and your own two hands.
- The rear drive housing and CrossRamp are now completely enclosed, protecting them from dust, dirt, and sweat. Cleaning is a breeze!

3. Active Status Light™
- This indicator light, externally located on each machine, will take the guesswork out of maintaining your cardio equipment. The light changes color and flashes, showing which machines are in good working order and which are in need of maintenance.


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