High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the top fitness trend of 2018 according to the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual survey of fitness trends. HIIT typically consists of bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by short recovery times and then more high-intensity moves. HIIT workouts tend to be shorter than many programs and it is important to make every minute count. Precor’s easy-to-use P30i console  allows exercisers to maximize workout time and effort to achieve desired results.

Precor’s interval console offers two convenient HIIT methods:
1) One Touch Speed and Incline Keys: The console features speed adjustment keys on the right side and incline keys on the left side. Simply push the desired key to push yourself to the max during intense sections or reduce the intensity during recovery.
2) Programmable Interval Settings: Low, medium, and high-intensity buttons are positioned in the middle of the console. Simply push the desired button to move from recovery, to moderate, to high intensity. The corresponding speed and incline of these buttons can be changed on-the-fly to accommodate beginners to the most advanced users.

The P30i console is available exclusively on the 700 line of treadmills. The TRM 731 Interval Treadmill offers operators the ability to conduct small-group interval training on treadmills. After an elapsed time at one level of intensity, the exerciser can change the interval intensity using one-touch speed and incline keys. Whether instructor-led or on their own, the exerciser can dynamically adapt their intervals for an engaging and effective workout. The console also allows users to push their bodies further by performing interval activities off the treadmill by utilizing a built-in three-minute pause time which acts as a timer while users perform weight or resistance exercises.

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