Since announcing a new line of Spinners® in 2016, Precor has been working around the clock to create a power bike that sets a new standard in the industry.  The new Spinner® Chrono™ Power, with some unique capabilities not seen from its competitors, does just that.

Below are a few of the great features you can expect to see on the Chrono Power bike as it officially launches in just a few months.

The Chrono Power uses a power sensor directly on the resistance system, providing a highly accurate reading.  The sensor is covered, protecting it from shoes and sweat, self-powered, meaning no batteries required, and utilizes a medical grade measurement system that auto calibrates.

With a patented mechanism that creates a linear adjustment effect, the bike provides a more usable range than blade style systems used on other indoor cycles.  Every turn on the resistance knob creates an equal increase in resistance.  The Chrono Power also has the same perimeter weighted flywheel as the rest of the lineup, keeping that true Spinner® feel.

One of the problems Precor wanted to solve was the outdated consoles found on indoor cycles that seemed to have become an industry standard.  The new console on the Spinner® Chrono™ Power shatters this standard. The color LCD has an ultra bright backlight that is always on.  It is both Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible and designed to fit seamlessly with SPINPower® programming. The bike is self-powered, eliminating the need for batteries, and the console includes Precor’s famous Active Status Light to make maintenance even easier.  But, beyond all of that, this thing just looks awesome!


These are just a few of the great features on the new Spinner® Chrono™ Power indoor cycle.  If you want to hear more about what is sure to make this THE power bike on the market, get in touch!

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