Precor® and EXOS announced a new partnership that brings EXOS Energy Systems Development (ESD) Technology to Precor equipment via Preva®.  Founded in 1999 to maximize the potential of athletes, EXOS (formerly Athletes’ Performance) has grown to become a leader in health and performance, trusted by elite athletes, the military, and innovative companies worldwide. EXOS designs and delivers proactive health and performance game plans that guide people to higher levels of success while progressing the intelligence behind human performance.  Precor’s Preva Networked Fitness, the largest and most used networked fitness solution in the world, enables exercisers to set personal goals and track their progress.  It has more than 200 million recorded workouts from cardio equipment in more than 100 countries.


EXOS ESD Technology provides customized programming by evaluating a user’s level of fitness. The technology, which includes data tracking, will be available on all Preva-enabled Precor equipment through Precor’s powerful touchscreen technology. This means users can literally tap into a personalized fitness solution on any P80 or P82 console equipped Precor treadmills, AMTs, ellipticals, or bikes. With custom programming already in place, trainers can spend more time training their clients, improving a facility’s attractiveness and retention rates.

EXOS’ President of Product, John Golden, mentions that 82% of people prefer the personalized solution ESD adds to the traditional cardio exercise. Golden is happy to bring this technology to Precor’s line of networked product, and says of the new alliance, “We’re excited about this partnership because Precor, which has the world’s largest in-gym fitness network, will help bring our cardio technology to people who are looking to achieve their fitness goals.”

Precor, known as a pioneer in fitness innovation, believes their match with EXOS is right in line with their drive to bring creative fitness solutions to their customers. “EXOS’ prescriptive workouts have the most sophisticated evaluation and monitoring mechanisms of any on the market,” said Jeff Bartee, the Principal Product Manager for Networked Fitness at Precor. “Adding ESD to Precor equipment will give operators and exercisers a powerful tool to help reach their fitness and business goals. Making ESD available to our worldwide install base of networked P80 consoles is another way Precor delivers ongoing value to operators.”

As a Precor distributor, we are able to offer our customers this new EXOS programming through Preva networked platforms (P80 or P82) starting in Q3 of 2016. To learn more about ESD Technology or the other unique EXOS solutions we have to offer your facility, please get in touch with us or visit the EXOS website.

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