Our third-ever Discover Precor trip was a great opportunity for our team to facilitate an educational experience for both existing and potential customers. This event included sessions about Precor & ASF as companies, Precor’s brand-new treadmill and the P80 console, their extensive Strength Line, and a tour of their manufacturing plant.

All of our guests left more knowledgeable about the industry, and many were re-energized about their careers by imagining how Precor products could benefit their students, members, or guests.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about the experience:

“It was great opportunity for intensive product education, and to have an open forum to share information and ideas with Precor reps, Advantage reps, and peers within our industry.”

- Sean Reilley, Ithaca College

“Awesome idea taking feedback on your strength line. I know it’s hard to hear constructive criticism sometimes, however, it will make your line better! Plate loaded line is pretty awesome.”

- Ashley Ryland, The Landings Club

“The two days was an excellent experience especially for a young professional who is just entering more of the equipment realm of the profession. The workshop allowed me to bring back new ideas for our facility as well as provided me with the hands-on experience of working on the equipment. Being able to use the equipment gives me validation when pushing for certain pieces to be implemented within our facility. thank you again for everything!”

- Sarah Holub, University of Alabama at Birmingham

We are looking forward to our next chance to bring a new wave of guests along on this informative and beneficial trip!

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