The Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer is accessible, engaging, easy-to-use.  By employing innovative movement patterns in a recumbent position, the user can strengthen stabilization muscles normally missed in other exercise machines, helping increase balance in those most at risk of falls.

Here’s a few more features on this innovate new machine per SCIFIT’s website:

• A new resource for building the right muscles and confidence to reduce the risk of falls and stay active.
• Ideal for people of all fitness levels including older adults and rehabilitation exercisers
• Circular motion activates muscles used for stability and side-to-side movements.
• Bi-directional motion activates different muscle firing patterns depending on the direction – either inward or outward.
• Easy ingress and egress with a step-through design and highly adjustable seat.
• Seat removes for simple wheelchair access.
• Oversized, orthopedic foot pads with heel cups and foot straps add safety, comfort and visibility.
• 191 resistance levels at increments of 0.1 allow users to start where they’re comfortable and progressively build from there.

And be sure the check out the product video below!

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