The wheels have been spinning at Expresso and the result is a major software upgrade to the revolutionary Expresso bikes. The interactive bikes deliver an immersive, challenging, and fun workout to the rider. They have even shown multiple positive impacts including increasing and improving classroom behavior in school-aged children. The new upgrades are sure to excite both expert riders and those experiencing an Expresso bike for the first time.

New Courses:
Looking for a workout that’s out of this world? Titan Time will take you on a journey around a colorful alien planet while the locals cheer you on. Then take the Ocean Plunge and explore shipwrecks while cycling with schools of fish. Just be sure to watch out for those hungry sharks!


Multiplayer Mode:
Is there anything better than exercising with a friend? Now you can ride with or against your friends on the same course at the same time.

Avatar Diversity:
Riders can now choose a male or female avatar. You’ll also see a mix of women and men on the road.

Redesigned Rides:
Expresso’s graphics team polished up the look of some of the most popular rides. Check out the campfires on Redwood Dash and wave to the tourists that have flocked to the scenic beaches of Fruitdale. Old favorites such as Lost Valley, Rabbit Run, Alpine Splash, Vindicator, Apple Grinder and Sunday Afternoon have been remastered and look better than ever!

Shut Down Procedure:
While Expresso bikes are designed to be left powered on, if you need to shut it down for any reason, the settings menu now allows this to be done properly.

No More Lag or Missing Rides
Expresso beefed up touchscreen performance for slow or unstable internet connections. They also added support for offline rides, so you get credit for hard earned miles even if the bike you are riding falls offline. Offline rides are saved and posted the next time the bike connects.

We know those of you with Expresso bikes will love the new upgrades. If you don’t currently have bikes in your facility, now is the perfect time to contact our team to learn more!

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