New Heart Rate Training Courses Available on Expresso GO Bikes

Expresso has announced a partnership with the elite trainers and DJs at MOi Cycle to offer 5 new Heart Rate Training methods on your Expresso bike. Each new routine is synced to cadence-setting audio tracks and focuses on hitting your target heart rate zones throughout the workout.

Expresso's new Heart Rate Training categories include:

  • Boost: 30-minute, short-form workouts

  • Strength: Low-cadence, power building workouts

  • Endurance: High-cadence, stamina building workouts

  • Interval: Low- to high-intensity workouts with intermittent relief periods

  • Raceday: Full-effort, maximum intensity workouts

Note: The new Heart Rate Training routines, redesigned menu interface, and bluetooth audio pairing capabilities are included in the latest Expresso software update.

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