As students return to campus, it’s the perfect time to consider how your recreation center can help keep them motivated and healthy year-round. A study suggests college recreation centers not only help boost students’ physical well-being, but may also play a large role in their intellectual prowess, including a higher GPA. 

The excitement and benefits of group training are part of the reason it made the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual list of the top fitness trends for 2017. Featuring motivating instructors, exercisers of all fitness levels push their limits in a high-energy and supportive environment.

Looking to put the fun in functional training? Adding a Queenax unit to your facility will keep group ex participants motivated and working hard with a diverse range of interchangeable attachments (called apps and optionals) that stimulate imaginative, exciting workouts. Queenax provides the framework to engage every part of a person’s body, strengthening them to meet the physical demands of everyday life. Described as a “giant jungle gym for adults,” the versatile Queenax frame and attachments offer unlimited potential. From elevated pushups, pullups, and climbing, to challenging balance training and aerial yoga, Queenax group training classes are sure to keep students coming back over and over again.

Spinning classes are another popular choice because they offer a low-impact, high intensity cardio workout. Cues from a motivating instructor and being surrounded by friends and classmates add to the excitement of the class. Spinner® Chrono™ Power bikes from Precorare a perfect choice, featuring direct power management, magnetic resistance, and a best-in-class console. This bike is sure to put a fresh spin on your students’ fitness routine. 

While high-intensity classes are popular, opportunities for relaxation will also benefit students both physically and mentally. Group yoga and Pilates classes provide students a chance to refocus and energize during an intense school year. Along with fitness classes, adding HydroMassage lounges or beds to create a “Recovery Zone” in your facility can further enhance well-being. Hard working students will love treating themselves to a relaxing massage between classes or after a workout. Link their personal flex spending accounts for ease of use and an easy return on your investment.


Offering a variety of fun and effective group fitness classes will energize your rec center and benefit students both physically and mentally. To maximize the effectiveness of group fitness, here a few more tips to keep in mind:

1. Exercisers are more likely to stay dedicated to the program with an instructor who is able to provide individual support and attention within the group environment.

2. Having a strong social camaraderie between instructors and class members will ignite a team atmosphere as the group achieves goals together.

3. Finally, offering a variety of classes and accessories is the best way to create unique workouts to capture and retain the interest of your students.

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