The roads are digital but the sweat and rewards are real in Expresso’s 2017 Fall Frenzy! The 5th annual knockout-style virtual cycling tournament pits school against school as they battle to earn the title of Expresso Champions and take home the official Golden Spokes Trophy.


College rec centers of all sizes and riders of all backgrounds geared up to conquer the virtual course and log the most miles for their respective institutions. Nearly 200 colleges across North America participate in the five-week challenge. Riders have 48 hours per round to cover as many virtual miles as possible on the interactive bikes. The school with the most miles logged in the time-frame advances to the next round and challenges a new foe. However, when a team is knocked out of the competition, riders are encouraged to continue with the challenge. Rider progress and school results are tracked online. The tournament rewards students for their efforts with t-shirts, trophies, and a chance to win $500.

Last year’s battle featured 2,358 riders from 155 schools who rode 59,048 miles and burned nearly 2,000,000 calories on Expresso bikes. With the action already heating up, this year’s competition promises to be even bigger. We’re proud that 10 of the top 16 qualifiers, 6 of the 8 quarter-finalists, and 3 of the 4 semifinalists are Advantage customers!

Check out the live leaderboard here!

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