Expresso interactive bikes deliver cutting-edge rides to motivate exercisers and increase fitness center retention. While the stunning courses keep exercisers coming back for more, Expresso adds another layer of excitement with year-round challenges. Expresso challenges unite riders around the world with the chance to compete for prizes and bragging rights, and bring a strong sense of community to local fitness centers. The result is an engaging “club within a club” atmosphere delivering the positive social aspects of small group training on the cardio floor.

The team at Expresso makes it simple for your facility to benefit from these challenges. They provide the instructions and promotional materials to get members pumped to participate. Riders view their individual and team progress on the Expresso leader boards as they push their physical limits. 


Rally for the Y
YMCAs aim to strengthen communities and promote healthy lifestyles. As a non-profit organization, they rely on financial support to achieve these goals. Expresso’s third annual Rally for the Y fundraising challenge is in full swing in YMCAs across America and riders are breaking a sweat and gathering pledge supporters for their local Ys. Created by Expresso specifically to aid in the Ys fundraising efforts, Expresso donates $.10/mile on top of pledges riders receive, with all proceeds going directly to their local Y. Participants who raise $100 or more also earn a Rally Badge in their online account and are entered in a drawing to win an extra $1,000 for their Y from the team at Expresso. The top fundraising team will automatically earn an extra $1,000 for their local YMCA. 6,538 riders on 307 teams in the 2018 Rally have already raised $76,927.60 with just under two weeks remaining!


Fall Frenzy
Each fall, colleges across the country compete in this knock-out style virtual cycling tournament. The 2017 competition featured 2,070 riders from 186 schools. The 16 teams that logged the most miles in the first 48 hours moved on to the Super 16. Riders had 48 hours in each round to complete as many miles possible for their respective teams in head-to-head match-ups within their bracket. The team with the most miles logged at the end of each round moved on until only one team remained and was crowned the Expresso Champion. After 49,782 miles and 1,675,385 calories burned, we’re proud that 10 of the top 16 qualifiers, 6 of the 8 quarterfinalists, and 3 of the 4 semifinalists were Advantage customers!


Tour d’Expresso 
The sixth annual Tour d’Expresso will be held July 7-29, 2018. Participants choose to ride in one of three different tours: Mini (25 miles), Regular (100 miles), and the Grand (150 miles). Teams earn 100 points for every participant who completes the Grand Tour, and the team with the most points takes home the official Tour d’Expresso trophy! With daily stages ranging from 2 to 12.2 miles, 807 riders on 401 teams worldwide competed in the Grand Tour last year. The race is modeled after the Tour de France. If the famous French race features a stage with a big mountain, Expresso riders can expect a tough climb up a virtual mountain too!

Monthly Challenges
In addition to their large-scale annual challenges, Expresso keeps riders engaged and energized with monthly challenges. Past challenges include biking a certain number of hours in one month, completing a set amount of miles, burning more than the monthly calorie goal, and much more. You never know what the Expresso team will come up with to keep riders motivated! 


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