This year’s Expresso Fall Frenzy was a knockout! This nation-wide race to be the top-riding college/university and take home the Golden Spokes is arguably IFH’s most popular Expresso challenge. One of ASF’s own customers, Marist College, reached the “Fearsome Four,” with a total of 105 riders and 4,135 miles completed! Another customer, Binghamton University, logged an unbelievable 1,500 miles in just 48 hours, narrowly missing advancing out of the “Electric Eight” round. See the buzz on social media, and check out the final standings and mileage counts here .


Now that the Fall Frenzy has come to an end, the Road Warrior Challenge is currently in progress. This contest is worldwide, with individual badges and prizes as well as a Team Prize for the team with the most Miles per Bike. As of November 13th, 266,743 Miles per Bike have collectively been ridden by 15,931 riders.

There is no doubt that Expresso Challenges create a team atmosphere in any facility and have a huge impact on retention and repeated use. Each challenge offers great incentives for users to hop on an Expresso bike, track their progress, and compete to win. Win or lose, there’s always another Expresso Challenge just around the bend.

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