Growing demand for fun and energizing group classes is forcing traditional fitness clubs to revisit their offerings. Escape Fitness offers a suite of programs allowing any club to transform to meet the industry’s changing trends.

Escape’s “Business in a Box” programs are complete solutions for group training programs. Featuring packages of trainer instructions and workout programs, instructors gain access to a wide variety of training materials including:

  • Comprehensive instruction manuals
  • Videos and coaching notes of ready-to-run workouts and individual exercises
  • Instruction specific to each type of equipment
  • Marketing materials to help promote the programs

Escape offers a variety of group training packages to meet your club’s needs:

MOVE IT is a high-intensity functional training program for all fitness levels. Carefully planned intervals and exercises develop total body strength and endurance, while maximizing the post-workout benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The combination if HIIT and the group class format lead to greater engagement and long-term commitment for participants looking to add variety and fun to their fitness routine. 

BATTLE FIT was developed by former Army officers and taps into the popularity of bootcamp workouts. BATTLE FIT is for members looking to push their bodies to the extreme for 35 minutes and crawl away feeling accomplished. Though the workouts are tough, camaraderie between participants helps everyone push through mental and physical barriers. 

HIIT THE DECK is a great introduction to functional training for members who have limited exposure to group fitness. Using the Escape Deck 2.0 and other carefully chosen tools, participants receive fantastic full-body workouts focusing on cardio, strength, and plyometrics. 

Escape’s line of functional group training programs offers clubs a simple and long-term solution to meet industry demands and increase customer satisfaction. Investing in group fitness is an important choice for clubs and Escape offers essential features to maximize success:

  • Flexible: a variety of workout styles allows you to select the program(s) that fit your brand and target audience.
  • Scalable: including both trainer education and the programming itself, Escape programs mean you can change the frequency of classes as your club grows.
  • Progressive: programs can be suited to fit all fitness levels.
  • Varied: multiple different workouts ensure member engagement and lead to better member retention.
  • Fun: Teamwork, partner drills, and challenges help keep users motivated to push their bodies for maximum results.

Along with keeping pace with industry trends, incorporating group functional classes offers two other major benefits: 

  1. Instructing in the proper use of functional equipment: functional tools differ greatly from machines people are accustomed to using. Group training led by a competent instructor gives users the confidence and knowledge to use the equipment properly and get the most out of their workout.
  2. It might be the best workout people have had: fun, challenging, and results-focused workouts help keep exercisers motivated, engaged, and coming back for more! 

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