Ecore Athletic flooring is designed with performance and safety in mind. Made from recycled rubber products, Ecore flooring offers superior impact absorption and slip-resistant properties. Substantial force reduction, with a balanced amount of energy return, creates a dynamic surface catered to the individual and application.

Advantage Sport & Fitness designs fitness centers from the ground up. You can rely on our expertise to supply you and your clients with flooring meeting your most demanding needs.

A few of the most popular flooring options are:

Bounce 2

This 7mm surface resembles real wood, but is much more economical, durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. Bounce 2 is ideal for cardio, group exercise, yoga, and dance areas. It also offers acoustic benefits for your fitness center, significantly reducing surface generated noise. Six color options and the ability to paint lines on the surface make it customizable to meet your needs.

Monster Roll

Designed for extreme weights, Monster Roll is the perfect choice for deadlift designated platform areas. Combining a 10.5mm beast roll and a 12mm ShockPad, the Monster Roll resists the scuffing and marking common in strength and conditioning areas.


Featuring a 25mm wear layer combined with 10mm Smash Pad, the shock absorption properties of TurfX make it an ideal choice for indoor training. Seven color options and the ability to add logos, hashmarks, and yard makers make Ecore’s TurfX a highly-customizable solution.

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