Queenax frames allow fitness centers meet increasing client demand for exciting and engaging functional training programs. Hundreds of attachments and accessories allow nearly endless exercise options.

The versatility offered by Queenax frames (along with the space-saving benefits for you) deliver a truly unique experience to your clients. However, with so many exercise options, how can users get the most out of their workout if your center doesn’t have a trainer on-site?


We have you covered with access to Precor’s Queenax Movement Library! A printable poster includes over 30 key movements exercisers can quickly reference. Hang the poster in your facility to guide users through fundamental push, pull, squat, lunge, and core exercises.

For additional guidance, play the Queenax Movement Library video loop in your facility. This video of functional movement options shows how to use attachments and accessories on your Queenax frame. If you don’t have a TV screen available for this purpose, exercisers can view the video by scanning the QR code on the Queenax Movement Library poster.

Precor’s easy to follow Queenax Movement Library ensures exercisers achieve a fun and intense workout in spaces without an instructor. Click to access the Queenax Movement Library!

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