Despite some weather-related travel obstacles, the Discovering Precor trip was a big success.  Some of our most valued customers were able to get an in-depth look at the way Precor operates during an educational two day experience at Precor’s Strength & Manufacturing plant in Greensboro, NC. 

The trip included a glimpse at some of Precor’s latest products, an informative presentation on what makes this successful company tick, as well as a look behind the curtain into Precor’s development of some new, innovative, not-yet-released equipment and the rigorous testing it’s put through. 

This was a rare opportunity to get an inside perspective on Precor’s products and operational efficiencies.  Here are some comments we received from attendees after the trip:

“The Precor facility in Greensboro was absolutely beautiful. Everyone we met from Precor as well as Advantage Sport and Fitness was friendly and welcoming. It was a great experience to see the brains and ideas behind the products, how the equipment is made and the latest technology Precor has to offer.”

Tara Kalivas,  Assistant Director of Facilities Operations
Columbia University Athletics

“I was so impressed with not only with the personnel that we met at the Precor Manufacturing plant, but at how the day to day operations are handled.  It was quite evident that the Precor Corporation values merchandise quality and worker safety over the bottom line.  FYI…this facility was so clean that I walked around with a gum wrapper in my hand the entire tour, because every garbage can that I saw was labeled for certain items.  I waited until I left the site to throw it out in a ‘regular’ office garbage can.”

Carol Roseto,  Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics
Rockville Centre School District

“Thank you for an insightful two days.  Your team of professionals is a great reflection of the company and its vision.  Kelly and I are excited to share the information that we have learned with the rest of our Association.  With your support and the equipment from Precor we will have the tools that we need to move forward as a leading YMCA organization.”

Jeremy Flint,  Executive Director
Delaware Family YMCA Buffalo Niagara

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