One of the best features of the Expresso bike and its monthly challenges are the Team Captains in each facility that recruit and motivate the facility’s community of riders.  There are three steps to earning a Team Captain Certification, and because of this process, these riders are often some of the most experienced and motivated users of the Expresso Bike.

In a recent blog post, Interactive Fitness was able to compile some Expresso training advice from some of their top Team Captains around the country.  From road cycling practice, to Power and HIIT training, to just working to improve your Expresso riding skills, these captains have some wise words for riders and cyclists of all levels.
Here are a few quotes that resonated with our team at ASF:

“The end result is I feel much stronger on the roads, especially the hills and pushing myself on the flats (no gliding on the Expresso has taught me to always pedal hard, never relax).” — Caleb Cohen,  Scotch Plains YMCA

“Tip#4 Intervals – pick a route that takes you your interval time to complete, not too hilly! Repeat, keeping in required HR and power zones” — Cindy Schnee, YMCA Calgary - Eau Claire

“For example, ride Fruitdale once mostly in gear 10. Then ride Fruitdale again mostly in gear 15. Try to maintain the same average watts for both rides.” — Chad Katter, Equinox Sports Club New York

For the rest of these quotes and the Team Captains’ great advice, check out Interactive Fitness’ full blog post here!

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