Gone are the days when having an average fitness center is enough to keep your members interested. Exercisers are looking for something unique and immersive, or an experience that will leave a lasting impression and ultimately keep them coming back. One of the ways operators can achieve this is by incorporating unique solutions like Queenax into their fitness facility. Queenax Functional Frames offer unique solutions for a variety of spaces that will help differentiate your facility. Here are a few ways Queenax can help you build a unique experience:


1. Create a functional space without losing any space!

With options like the Queenax Bridge (pictured above), you can transform a room into a functional training zone without taking up too much space. The Bridge runs from wall to wall creating a sturdy anchoring framework and allowing exercisers to utilize functional tools underneath, while preserving a a clear floorspace to wheel spin bikes or Assault Fitnessproducts in and out.


2. Keep variety in your day to day programming.

Queenax rigs allow instructors to utilize a versatile training environment. With a Wall Unit you can set up rotational stations with a number of different functional tools, using the rig as part of the class and as storage for your equipment.  Queenax Apps, like the Superfunctional™ Training Bar, The Antigravity® Hammock Kit and the 4D Pro ReAction® trainer keep workouts fresh, fun and exciting.


3. Form A Strong Community.

One of the best parts of creating a fun and engaging training environment in your facility is the way it brings exercisers together and forms a strong community. Members not only get excited to come back and try something new, but they look forward to doing it together.

4. Free Education From Precor.

While implementing something different like Queenax can generate a good buzz of activity on its own for a while, the follow through is key to making sure you get the most out of your new rig. With Precor Education’s Coaching Center, operators and exercisers get access to training regimens and fun workouts created by some of the best Queenax experts.
All in all, Queenax can be a great way to help you stand out and keep your members engaged and excited. If you’re interested in learning more about Queenax frames, or the benefits of this type of training environment, start a conversation to create a custom solution for your facility!

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