Next week, our 25 sales reps from nine different states will converge here in the quiet and sunny college town called Ithaca, NY, where our main Advantage headquarters is located, as we host one of our tri-annual weeks of sales meetings. The primary purpose of these meetings is to train and educate our reps on new brands, product updates, and how to actually use the equipment we provide! They get the benefit of sharing their real experiences with customers’ needs and market standards, and come out of the week with a renewed dedication to the mission of providing the absolute best solutions for each individual facility. Newer reps learn from those who are more experienced, and each adds what they’ve learned over the past few months to the team’s collective knowledge base. Ultimately, our goal is to train each rep to be able to deliver the quality service and expert advice that our ASF & CSF teams have become known for.

In this upcoming week, we’ll be meeting some new members of our sales team as well as some new vendor partners. We also have workout sessions planned for each morning to keep the reps highly experienced with the products we offer. Oh, and we might find time to have a little fun after the meetings too, as the whole team unwinds over dinner or a good hike with our vendor partners and company leadership. It’s all a part of keeping our team unified, our vendor relationships strong, and our offerings relevant to our customers in this ever-changing industry!

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