There are many ways the design of a weight lifting facility can impact an athlete’s workout. When planning a weight room build or upgrade, there’s more to consider than the equipment if you want to make the space as motivating as possible. Here are five tips to make your weight room as effective as possible and boost your athletes’ workouts.

1. Lighting
A strong lighting choice is the fastest way to change the atmosphere of your weight room. There are lots of options available, so make sure you consider form as well as function. The phrase “mood lighting” applies to weight rooms, too! Keep the clearance height in mind, though, so a good power clean and press doesn’t knock your lights out.


2. Paint & Texture
Color is proven to stimulate the brain and body in a variety of different ways. Some of the strongest colors to generate energy are red, orange and yellow. Think of some words you would want people use when describing their workout in your weight room — intense, tough, brutal, rewarding, powerful… — and select colors and textures that can be described using the same words. Alternatively, if your team or brand has a signature color, adding splashes of that color can also be a huge motivational factor during a workout. Our main piece of advice: don’t be shy! Think twice before using primarily “calming” colors such as pastels or neutrals.

3. Flooring
Similar to paint color, your flooring selections will inspire different responses depending on their function.If you need flooring that will withstand heavy drops, platforms, rubber mats or tiles would be the best fit due to their safe and durable design. Areas that will include conditioning equipment that slides should use turf (PRO TIP: ask us about our custom turf options!).


4. Nutrition Bar
Want to help your athletes make their after-workout routine more effective? Consider adding a nutrition bar or health food cooler on the way out of your facility. Providing nourishing options to replenish their bodies post-workout will be a benefit to both you and your athletes!


5. Motivation
Don’t underestimate the power of feeling like you belong to a strong community! Add your team’s logo or your brand where you can, and your athletes will literally see the purpose in front of them. A good motivational quote or image on the wall will go a long way, too. Honestly, we’re kind of amped just thinking about it.

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