Why Some Gyms Are Offering Strength Training in a Group Setting

Beginning a strength training regimen can feel daunting or intimidating to someone without much experience in a gym. Hiring a personal trainer can be expensive. With the recent popularization of CrossFit and HIIT training groups, the concept of group strength training has spread throughout fitness culture.

While CrossFit as a movement has proven to be popular among some exercisers, the intense workouts and culture can be a turn off for someone looking for a more casual exercise experience. This is where group education for strength training basics can be beneficial to your members and your bottom line.


It’s common to see group exercise programs in aerobics, cardio, and functional training. This is because group work can be motivating and inspirational to exercisers. Athletes benefit greatly from being able to observe one another, especially in a strength training environment.

For a seasoned trainers’ perspective, we turned to Kim Hamilton, Advantage’s Business Development Manager and Escape Master Trainer. “In any group, there are people that are more technically efficient, and seeing that example makes others strive to do better and understand the benefits of moving better. For example, if you’re doing something that’s complex, like an Olympic lift, the benefits of moving with better form mean that you can lift more and not injure yourself. Seeing someone else perform the lift can help you teach the form and push yourself in different ways.”

In addition, the group training environment can instill an overall sense of commitment and dedication. “Accountability is the number one motivating factor in group training – people enjoy the fact that there are people around to build a community and push them to do better.”

Kim Quote-01.png

“Everyone wants to feel like that they have some sense of community – that’s why group training is great; they’re working out with their friends. For example, I was teaching a group class at 6am. They were all parents, and they wouldn’t stop talking like it was cocktail hour. People meet people in group exercise classes because there are barriers being broken down – you’re sweaty, you’re vulnerable, and you’re struggling through something together, building a bond in a unique way,” Kim explains.



“In terms of group training, people can be intimidated very easily. They create these high expectations for themselves where they have to be doing what everyone else is doing. It’s important to understand that strength training is a process, and not something that comes overnight. You need to be humble enough to start from square one and work your way up.”

There’s always a chance that a the lack of individual attention given to each student can cause lapses in form and technique. While the instructor can spend a small amount of individual time with each person, they cannot commit the same amount of attention that they would in a one-on-one session. In addition, different group classes can have different cultures, and depending on personal preferences, a group class may not be the right fit for everyone. In that case, it’s still great to offer the ability to meet and train one-on-one.

It's no secret that a large majority of gym memberships go unused, primarily due to lack of engagement leading to inspired workouts. Group training in various specialties is a perfect way to boost motivation and retention in your facility.



Business Development Manager + Escape Master Trainer

Kim is focused on building relationships by sharing professional, in-depth knowledge of relevant and on-trend fitness solutions. She also facilitates and strengthens client partnerships by becoming a go-to resource for fitness facility planning and consultation.

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Luxury Fitness in a Club Setting - A Look at City Fitness Philadelphia & The 2019 Expo

At the end of April, Advantage hosted our first expo of 2019 at City Fitness East Market in Philadelphia. We are excited and grateful that so many people came out to the event to learn about our company and vendor partners and to engage with our team members.

The 2019 Philadelphia Expo was a great way for our team to connect with new, past, and prospective customers in a fun and interactive environment. City Fitness East Market was a perfect location to showcase the best of Precor cardio, strength, and functional fitness in action.


City Fitness’ revolutionary group fitness programming, WE/FIT, centers around a full Queenax unit in a dedicated studio room. WE/FIT is a Tabata-style, partner-based workout that progresses over time, meaning exercisers are always experiencing a new version of the program.

In addition, we showcased the newest in functional fitness training by bringing in a new MARS self-guided training screen, Rack5 storage solutions, and a mix of Escape Fitness functional accessories.


City Fitness also features a massive spinning room featuring Spinner® Chrono™ Power bikes, which hosts their high-intensity cycling programs. The room features interactive lighting, sound system, and a fleet of Spinning bikes to get the energy and motivation hyped up.


Special thanks to our ASF team members and vendor partners who helped make the event a success, especially Guy Williams, Bill Shotwell, Josh Taylor, and JenKei Pong. Check out more pictures from the event and the facility below!

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Multi-Functional Fitness Amenity Design - The Villages at Westford


The Villages at Westford, a new multi-family housing complex in Apex, NC, aimed to create a fitness center for their new property that offered a large amount of options available to residents without overcrowding the space. They wanted to ensure that the fitness amenity was safe, accessible, and spacious, while also offering a wide variety of cardio, strength, and functional fitness.

While designing the facility, Teresa Boland, ASF Territory Sales Manager, worked in collaboration with project managers to adjust the layout to suit their needs while walking through the facility. “Figuring out a convenient and safe layout was integral to our decision-making, so Teresa having the knowledge and skillfulness to work through CAD layouts live while we walked through a rough-framed construction site was invaluable,” noted Eric Rifkin, project manager.


The 1,676 square foot facility features nine cardio stations, including Precor treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent bikes with 10” touchscreen networked consoles; Assault Fitness AirRunner; and Concept II rowers. An adjoining a studio room has Escape Fitness functional accessories, two battle rope stations, Wellbeats self-guided on-demand fitness classes, and Spinner® Ride™ indoor spinning bikes. The strength area includes six InFlight dual-motion strength stations, a free weight training area, and a Precor Discovery Series half rack.

“We are extremely pleased with the way our fitness center was planned and functions at Westford.  Having worked previously with Advantage & Teresa was a major factor, as any tweaks we collectively felt were necessary or were apparent from resident feedback on our previous project were well-integrated in an already successful format.  Teresa and the Advantage staff have always been easy to work with, show up when they say they will, and complete the work in a timely manner without interrupting other development and construction activities.”

— Eric Rifkin, Project Manager at Halle Corporations

Check out this beautiful facility below!

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Advantage Announces New Partnership with Aviron Interactive


Advantage is proud to announce a new partnership with Aviron Interactive, the fitness company specializing in interactive rowing machines. Equipped with a vibrant HD touchscreen, these rowers are the perfect blend of modern tech and traditional movement. The Tough Series rower features an innovative dual air and magnetic resistance system, industrial poly-v belt, adjustable and ergonomic seat, and low frame height for ease of use.

With six different workout categories and over 40 different workout experiences, their products provide engaging and competitive content. One of their most popular programs is Pros vs. Joes, where the exerciser can compete against pre-recorded professional athletes and Olympians. In addition, Aviron offers virtual-reality destination courses, fitness programs designed by elite fitness professionals, and interactive games to motivate and entertain exercisers.

f293106 (1).png




Equipped with a fully immersive, high definition touchscreen, performance metric sensors, and an innovative resistance system, Aviron’s state of the art equipment ups the ante in effective workouts.




Adjust the innovative resistance system to increase the difficulty of your workout, help you close your gap, or extend your lead. Or let Aviron automatically adjust your resistance (patent pending) to meet your fitness goals in workout programs designed by fitness professionals and athletes.




Aviron compiles a complete history of you and your friends’ workouts, including metrics, achievements, and rewards so you can keep track of each other’s successes and stay motivated.


Interested in learning more? Contact us, or click the link below to download their Tough Series brochure:

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Kutztown University Gives their students a beautiful recreation center upgrade

Kutztown University in Pennsylvania recently unveiled their beautifully expansive and updated recreation center. The goal of the project was to refresh the rec center's equipment while also serving the changing needs of their student population. Working closely with Kutztown Campus Recreation, ASF reimagined the space to make it more inviting near the entrance, while keeping most of the same capabilities the outgoing equipment had. These changes were made in coordination with a flooring upgrade to make the most efficient use of the same square footage possible.

“Working with Amy and Kutztown Recreation is always a pleasure, and whenever our clients offer a clear vision with an open mind we always seem to come up with a solution that solves the points of concern for their demographic,” said Josh Arnone, ASF Territory Sales Manager, about the project.

The space features Precor 800 Line ellipticals, treadmills, and AMTs with 10.1” touchscreen networked consoles. The facility also includes a variety of Precor Discovery selectorized and plate-loaded strength equipment with custom shrouds, and Power Lift racks to round out the strength training selection.

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Horace Mann School Upgrades Their Student Fitness Center

Horace Mann School aimed to give their students a state-of-the-art fitness facility when they began a large renovation project and addition to their Bronx, NY, campus. In a campaign to respond to their ongoing needs, they re-envisioned facilities to support science, student life, athletics, physical education, and health and wellness. The removal of the old swimming pool created space for the Simon Family Fitness Center, open throughout the school day to allow students to practice self-care when it is most convenient for them.

The 2,450 square foot fitness center features top-of-the-line Precor treadmills, ellipticals, and AMTs; Expresso GO bikes, along with Precor Discovery Line selectorized strength machines with Mahogany upholstery. Networked touchscreen consoles engage students on all the cardio equipment. In the center of the facility, a Queenax unit is equipped with Escape Fitness accessories for functional training and group classes, and Rack5 storage units line the stairs. A separate aerobics studio features 21 Spinner® Chrono™ Power bikes.

“Our main goal when designing the fitness center was to create a space in which we could accommodate our PE classes in addition to creating an atmosphere in which our student athletes could come to and get a great workout for their sport/needs,” Kevin Valluzzi, Fitness Center Director at Horace Mann School explained. ”We also wanted to allow for some free space in order to be able to do plyometrics, mobility work, etc. We were able to accomplish all of this with help from Advantage Sport & Fitness.” 

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Spinning®: The Design of a Global Movement

Spinning®: The Design of a Global Movement

Not unbeknownst to many, the brand Spinning® is the company responsible for the birth, growth, and global success of the indoor spinning movement. So much so, that the brand has become synonymous with the activity itself.

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Expresso's Rally for the Y is the Perfect Fundraising Support for YMCAs

Expresso's Rally for the Y is the Perfect Fundraising Support for YMCAs

YMCAs aim to strengthen communities and promote healthy lifestyles and as a non-profit organization, they rely on financial support to achieve these goals. Expresso’s fourth annual Rally for the Y fundraising challenge is in full swing in YMCAs across America and riders are breaking a sweat and gathering pledge supporters for their local Ys.

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The Greene Urban Apartments Bring Luxury to Downtown Greenville

MyUI Custom Console Design

MyUI Custom Console Design

The Greene, a brand-new luxury apartment complex located in the West End Historic District of Greenville, SC, recently opened a beautiful state-of-the-art fitness facility to their new residents. The facility features networked 10.1” touchscreen consoles with custom MyUI graphics on a mix of Precor treadmills, ellipticals, AMTs, and recumbent bikes; a Queenax corner unit for functional training; and a Nexersys Power Trainer. A space-efficient strength training area features Escape dumbbells, Precor Smith Machine, and Precor FTS Glide.

“Woodfield wanted a top-of-the-line user experience in regards to technology.  That is why we incorporated Precor P62 touch screens with PREVA and a Nexersys Power Trainer. Being in the very popular West End of downtown Greenville, they were looking for a “wow” factor from their fitness center,” said Justin Webb, ASF Territory Sales Manager, “This was my third multi-family project working with Woodfield Investments.  They always want a high-end fitness amenity in their communities and I always enjoy the collaborative process of working with them.”


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