Weighted Resistance

Escape Bulgarian Bag

These Bulgarian Bags® are perfect for use in functional class training or in Group X or a PT studio. The synthetic leather covering is easy to clean and wipe down.

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Not all MedBalls are equal – Escape’s have been designed to be thrown. The VERTBALL™ is a fantastic addition to sports-driven small group training and personal training sessions where clients want to develop usable strength, rather than just induce fatigue.

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Escape Slamball

Don’t be fooled by the forgiving, textured grip, the Slamball will make you work hard thanks to an unstable deadweight that will push you to the limit and challenge every muscle.

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Escape Sandbag

The Sandbag’s unstable load makes users work harder and activates the stabilizing muscles throughout the whole body. This bag is tough too – the robust material makes this the ideal tool for indoor and outdoor bootcamps. A unique feature of the Sandbag is the reinforced handles, while the number of handle positions offers true versatility. It comes pre-filled, so it’s ready for use immediately.

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• Regular strength training, using correct technique, will help to improve posture, reduce injury, increase metabolism, as well as increase tone density and build strong joints and supporting tissue. SPRI® offers many products to compliment your training regimen. • SPRI Weighted Resistance products include: Medicine Balls, Dual Grip Xerballs® and Dead Weight Balls.

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Go Fit

• Often athletes over-strengthen muscles at the expense of joint strength—no matter how strong your muscles are, you are only functionally as strong as your joints.  Weighted Resistance products from Go Fit allow for better joint integrity, making you more resistant to injury.
• Go Fit weighted resistance products include: Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls and Gravity Bars.

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