SMARTfit™ ProTrainer

The SMARTfit™ ProTrainer consists of between 2 and 6 joined panels, now incorporating 9 targets per panel, can operate as one integrated target wall, or, with each panel operating as a competing station. This option is perfect for any sports training facility as it offers a wide multi-target rebound wall for training any of the ball sports. The ability to identify a precise reading on where a strike is made provides a powerful tool for precision training and lateral movement training while also allowing for settings to measure larger playing areas for beginners.

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SMARTfit™ Multi-Station Trainer

The SMARTfit™ Trainer consist of between 2 and 6 separated stations designed for competing team play for Group X and Large Group X. The CPU has the power to drive multiple stations and each station can accommodate relay races for up to 10 team members. Each station features 9 alphanumeric multicolored targets and a scoreboard.

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SMARTfit™ Play Pods

Engage young children with the fun, excitement and feedback of interactive technology as they learn and exercise at the same time. SMARTfit™ Play Pods turn any child-care space into a highly engaging playground where they develop physical, sensory, cognitive, social, academic and behavioral skills to last a lifetime.

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