Precor Discovery Selectorized

The Discovery Series combines all the functional performance elements demanded from a strength line but with the design and attention to detail you would expect from Precor. The result is an exceptional workout experience for the first-time user or seasoned athlete.

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Precor FTS Glide

The FTS Glide offers resistance training with freedom of motion to increase core strength, balance, stability and coordination. Designed with a compact footprint and low height to fit any fitness facility, the FTS Glide is easy to use.

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Keiser Functional Trainer

The Keiser Functional Trainer is a multi-functional machine for acomplete body workout. It can be used for hundreds of different exercises, ranging from rehab to sports specific applications, and is one of the most versatile cable machines on the market.

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Precor FTS

• Dual weight stacks with a lift ratio of 1:2
• User-friendly pulley adjustments offer 24 start positions
• Wall chart instructional placard provides exercise guidance

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Precor Icarian Multi Stations & Modulars

You’re sure to find the right solution for your facility with our comprehensive range of modulars and multi-stations. They offer high space efficiency for the number of exercise stations they incorporate.

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Precor S3.45

The S3.45 Strength System helps you improve your strength conditioning more efficiently. Biomechanically designed to support good form and a full range of motion, the S3.45 provides dual resistance – resistance when your arms move outward and when your arms move inward – providing faster results.

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Precor Vitality Series Duals

Our Vitality Series™ dual exercise machines give your facility the same great Precor look and smooth operation in a space-efficient design.

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Precor Vitality Series

Our Vitality Series™ is designed to work within space and budget requirements. Durable, easy to own, and easy to use, this series can help any facility offer a total strength circuit.

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